Project Pablo announces new EP via Ninja Tune sublabel

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Project Pablo announces new EP via Ninja Tune sublabel

Image: Bronwyn Ford

After creating a considerable ripple in the underground with a steady discography of slow burning house jams, Montreal based Patrick Holland, better known under the moniker Project Pablo, has returned, announcing details for his upcoming EP ‘There’s Always More At The Store’ on Ninja Tune’s sub-label Technicolour. The EP will consist of 5 tracks and is set for release on April 6th.

Following the harsh yet blissed out grooves of last year’s stellar releases ‘Hope You’re Well’ and ‘Scented Trip EP’, the quirky producer has shown signs of exploring more polished landscapes, with ‘Less and Less’ consisting of an organic minimal breakbeat groove accompanied by shimmering chords and earthy analogue bleeps, a palette of sounds likened much more to that of  Boards of Canada and Bonobo rather than the producer’s lo-fi house contemporaries. With such an ambitious EP on standby, things are looking exciting for the acclaimed Canadian DJ and producer.

Project Pablo spoke on the EP, saying “For this record I pushed myself to keep things more minimal than usual, in a relative sense.” he explains. “Focusing on repetition in melody, rhythm and harmony, putting a lot of trust in my initial ideas and letting them play out. It was harder to stop than to add more.”

‘There’s Always More At The Store’ will be released on April the 6th. In the meantime, you can listen to ‘Less and Less’ below.


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