Throwback Track: Caribou – Odessa
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Throwback Track: Caribou – Odessa

Released on the 2010 album Swim, Caribou’s ‘Odessa’ goes down as a modern classic. That much we can all agree on.

Arguably Dan Snaith’s biggest release under the popular monicker, ‘Odessa’ has raked in over 13-million plays on YouTube and 23-million plays on Spotify which makes a lot of sense considering how bloody good it is.

During the time of writing the album, Snaith described the writing process as “pretty much me getting up every day and wanting to work on music. Working constantly on it. Making loads and loads and loads of music and then just sifting through to find the bits that I like”.

That’s the lifestyle you want! Listen to ‘Odessa’ again below and enjoy.


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