Caribou is back, drops hopeful anthem “You Can Do It”

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Caribou is back, drops hopeful anthem “You Can Do It”

At this point in time we’re going to have to say it, Canadian producer Dan Snaith aka Caribou can do no wrong with his latest another in his legit pile of effortlessly cool tracks.

The track, dubbed “You Can Do It’ once again encompasses a simple vocal chop and lets it rip over his brand of clever melodic blueprints. The same can be said from his recent releases “Never Come Back” and “Home” all the way to earlier cuts “Can’t Do Without You” from 2014.

Like the saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! The single is the first new music from the producer following his ‘Suddenly’ LP in February 2020 and usually means, more music on the way.

Better still comes a music video with a collection of spirited dogs running through the outdoors with a surprise half way. Could we ask for any more?


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