Sydney’s Jerome Blaze shares lush single ‘Bloom’

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Sydney’s Jerome Blaze shares lush single ‘Bloom’

Words by Max Jacobson

Sydney producer Jerome Blaze is on a new path, taking his first steps with the slick, dreamy track, ‘Bloom’.

Blaze creates the perfect soundtrack to a sunrise, with a lush soundscape coupled with gentle splashes of bright keys and airy synth textures which all create a warm, comforting ambiance. We are lured in at the start with some rich chords and ambient synth work, underpinned by a softly played grand piano creating a cavernous timbre.

The track grows very subtly and smoothly as a subtle groove from some electronic percussion enters along with some chopped-up piano runs. With all it’s warm, breezy textures, there’s a lot of detail going on in Blaze’s production once the track develops, which can keep your interest if one were to actively focus in. It’s a track that’s all about the serene beauty of sound, and with Blaze’s caring approach to sound-craft, this aesthetic is achieved.

‘Bloom’ can work as a pretty, mood-setting backdrop as well as an interesting piece of lush electronica. There’s lots of levels to the track and proves Blaze to have sharpened his skills as producer to make truly captivating instrumental music.


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