Jerome Blazé shares unique and provoking single “Comets”

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Jerome Blazé shares unique and provoking single “Comets”

Sydney artist Jerome Blazé has shared his latest single “Comets” that offers another glimpse of brilliance from the young producer. Early comparisons of his music have drawn on names such as Bon Iver, Tourist, Four Tet and even the innovative nature of James Blake.

Big names right? Well, he’s consistently delivered electronic music like no other, especially when you consider that Jerome is just 21-years old and that reflects with glowing reviews on Triple J Unearthed from presenters Declan Byrne, Tommy Faith, Gemma Pike, Lucy Smith and Claire Mooney.

The songs ornate intro of piano and horn swells into an early almost peak before settling into a simmer of layered drums and wonky synths as explained by Jerome

Where conceptually the song looks toward the outside, the sound of the music gradually becomes more intimate towards the second half of the EP. UP featured a sax sextet and the string quartet, but Comets just has the string quartet, the beautiful arrangement of which my amazing friend Oliver Beard and I worked together on.

Again, you haven’t heard much like it!

The single “Comets” (There’s So Much Good In You) will feature on his 6-track EP due out early July on Sydney indie label Eyegaze.

Check it out below.


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