Here is the ‘Fidget Spinner’ synth that nobody asked for

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Here is the ‘Fidget Spinner’ synth that nobody asked for

A Britsh YouTuber has gone and made himself a musical meme in the way of a ‘fidget spinner‘ synth.

‘LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER’ is a creator/musician who gets up to all sorts of madness in his studio, and this week he has taken hold of the global phenomenon of fidget spinners for his latest video.

As the title suggests, this dude actually uses fidget spinners with a synth to create music. The way it works is by placing two spinners on a metal panel atop a light dependant resister. Once the spinners actually spin, they will cut out the light and in turn, the sound.

Watch the video below. Whether you love or hate fidget spinners, this is pretty cool.


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