Baba Stiltz Perfectly Times His Visit Down Under With New EP
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Baba Stiltz Perfectly Times His Visit Down Under With New EP

With his experimental disco EP ‘Keep It Lit’ still ringing in our ears and moving through our toes, 22 year old Swede Baba Stiltz is back today with a cut from his latest EP ‘Is Everything’.

It’s called ‘Baby’, and channels sounds more in line with Stiltz’ long history in collaborating with Sad Boys like Yung Lean and Yung Sherman. The autotuned mumble rap vocals the boys have all become known for make that most clear, but there’s no denying that on the whole ‘Baby’ heads in a much more upbeat direction. Twangy synths and cutesy percussion take what could easily sound incredibly depressing, and turn it into something you’re not quite sure of how to move to. While we could partially attribute this change in sound to ‘Keep It Lit’, ‘Baby’ makes it crystal clear that Baba Stiltz isn’t a producer you can ever really nail down.

With ‘Is Everything’ due out on January 27th, Baba’s visit down under couldn’t be more perfectly timed. He’ll be playing Sugar Mountain in Melbourne on Saturday the 21st of January, and also making an appearance at Peoples Club (at Goodbar on Oxford St) in Sydney on the 20th.


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