Video Premiere: Jackson Farley – ‘Need Your Love’
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Video Premiere: Jackson Farley – ‘Need Your Love’

While historically it’s been common for an artist to focus on one particular medium, nowadays that isn’t the case at all. Perhaps due to technological access, or a changing relationship between visual and audio mediums, musicians are more frequently becoming auter’s of the entirety of their work. Sydney’s Jackson Farley is one of those people.

Having just graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, Jackson has a tonne of learning and practical experience in a number of different art forms. Obviously not satisfied with simply being excellent at a whole bunch of those, he’s also turned his hand to making music – and it’s sick. He’s already put out a bunch of tracks via his moniker salvation station – a mix of disco, techno and lo-fi house all at once.

His latest track ‘Need Your Love’ is more on the disco end of the spectrum, perfectly encapsulating the Summer vibes we’ve been waiting all year for. With chopped and screwed vocals alongside some super riffy guitar and funky brass, it’s bound to get you moving. The video itself is a whole other world, and creates a narrative and meaning that demonstrates his skill not only as a beatmaker, but also as an artistic and out of the box thinker. We got the chance to have a chat with Jackson about the video, and this is what he had to say.

“I went to a Catholic School from K-12 and grew up in a quasi-spiritual household with a cynical atheist father and a semi-Catholic, Dalai Lama loving mother. Each day at school we would start with prayer and once a week we would go up to the local church for Mass. ‘Need Your Love’ is an exploration of ritual and iconography that I was exposed to as a child. At the time it seemed super normal to confess my deepest, darkest sins to a creepy old white dude with the promise of eternal salvation as the incentive. As I grew up my faith diminished but the imagery still stuck with me. And it is not until recently that I have realised why I was so attracted to it – Was it indoctrination through iconography? Was it because Jesus is great? Was it because after Sunday morning cartoons we sometimes went to mass? Yup, that must be it. I think I’ve stored Jesus in the same part of my brain that I would have kept the Michelin Man or Ash from Pokémon – they all represent the Neo-Alpha Male to me. Ultimately, the work is a love story: a love story about a naive little boy and the promise of eternal salvation.”

Oh and did we mention that’s Jackson playing himself in the video?

With music as consistent as ‘Need Your Love’, videos as interesting and far out as this, and artistic work of a whole other level, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Jackson Farley. We couldn’t be more excited.

Check more of Jackson’s music, video and art here at his website.


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