Watch Two Dogs Trip Balls In Peking Duk’s Latest Video
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Watch Two Dogs Trip Balls In Peking Duk’s Latest Video

In a world chock full of music videos, and more being made day by day, directors have to become more inventive or risk the bad reception of their work, and potentially the reputation of the song. A lot of the time, this means that videos are becoming way more far out in the hopes that the audience will remember how silly they were. Peking Duk’s latest for their single ‘Stranger’, featuring Elliphant, is one of those videos.

It’s about two dogs, who after lapping up someone’s spilt drink at a Peking Duk gig, start tripping balls. Yep. They walk and fly around an unnamed city, play Frisbee with the moon, and have some pretty fried interactions with the fish inside an aquarium. Visually, it’s pretty nice to look at, and conceptually it isn’t too surprising that we’ve gotten to this point. Tripper dogs? Part of me is surprised this didn’t happen earlier.

Overall it’s pretty cute. The dogs are lovely to look at and they’ve got a nice couple kind of thing going on with a bit of an obvious twist at the end. It is pretty memorable to say the least, but this kind of video just begs the question – where do we go from here?


Peking Duk are doing a bunch of shows around the country v. soon too. Check tickets here, and dates below:

See Peking Duk Live:
December 3 – Spilt Milk – Canberra, ACT
December 28 – Southbound – Busselton, WA
January 6 – FOMO – Adelaide, SA
January 7 – FOMO – Brisbane, QLD
January 8 – FOMO – Sydney, NSW


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