Amateur Dance Drop’s Cosmic ‘It’s Really Something’ EP

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Amateur Dance Drop’s Cosmic ‘It’s Really Something’ EP

Melbourne-based house producer Amateur Dance left listeners in awe when he released his emotive debut EP last year “Keep It Up.” Taking the past twelve months to hone his signature sound – the artist has curated a masterpiece in the form of his second EP, titled “It’s Really Something.”

The opening tune, “It’s Really Something” really sets the tone for the EP. Luscious pad progressions and pulsating synth blips help create a dreamy atmosphere, while punchy floor-to-the-floor kick patterns atop tribal-esque percussion make the track club ready. “It’s Really Something” is the longest song on the EP, sprawling over 10 minutes – taking the listener on a spiritual pilgrimage.

The stand out track is easily “Hot Since Just Before.” Erratic synth stabs combined with sharp percussion and a thumping kick create the laid-back, funk-inspired vibe of this track. The artist still manages to maintain his signature dreamy atmosphere, placing whirling pads with sexy neo-soul chords.

Amateur Dance’s take on house music is refreshing, blending traditional elements of house with characteristics found in ambient music. His ability to deliver music with substance and content is nothing short of breathtaking, considering how saturated the house genre is.

‘It’s Really Something’ is available Nov 6th via October Records.





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