Premiere: Sydney outfit The Nights drop huge remix pack

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Premiere: Sydney outfit The Nights drop huge remix pack

Sydney crew The Nighthave been steadily making waves across the scene. With a sound that’s somewhere between experimental, ambient and house they’ve shown a talent that rivals a bunch in the scene. Their latest track Fallen absolutely killed it, so it only makes sense that they’d enlist some of the artist at the forefront of house Australia and New Zealand house and techno.

Pat Carroll delivers a left field ambient take on the tune, while NZ duo Sandboards give the tune their tropical tech vibe that they’ve truly coined as their own sound. On top of that you’ve got a cheeky breakbeat tune courtesy of Amateur Dance, a house tune with a progressive feel by Night Tales that reminds you what prog house should be and it’s all rounded out with Sevader‘s tech house tune that delivers exactly what you need and want from tech.

The original is a banger in itself, but these remixes do a hell of a lot to vary up the sound, giving the tune a fresh work around. Check out the remixes below and tell us your favourite!


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