Say Goodbye to Camping And Hello To The Bee-autiful Future of Festival Lodging

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Say Goodbye to Camping And Hello To The Bee-autiful Future of Festival Lodging

With the conclusion of Splendour, it’s now time to begin the countdown until summer, in preparation for the barrage of festivals that accompany the bright blazing climate. For those of you who were lucky enough to make it down to the Byron boogie town last weekend, I’m sure by the eve of day three, a dank and dilapidated tent was the last place anyone would want to recharge their ailing batteries, and the thought of waking up amidst hangover Hiroshima with nothing but a yoga mat cushioning you from the ground implores one to barter the last lingering remnants of their soul for fleeting comfort.

Say hello to the lovechild of two Belgian design companies (Compaan and Labeur) who have unveiled their sweet solution, aptly named ‘Bee-and-B’. This breakthrough beauty features hexagonal stackable sleeping pods that combine together into a temporal human sized honeycomb home. Featuring a fresh wood panel finish, each pod features lights, lockers, a power supply, and a king-size bed that transforms effortlessly into a comfy couch, so you can cosily chill and pretty much enjoy the show from your own lounge-suite.

bee pod camping

Stylistic efficiency is the name of the game, being stackable up to four high diagonally, and with access via a landing staircase, say goodbye to the 3am frustration of finding your tent amongst the higgledy piggledy campsite confusion. However, as quaintly organised and as it is (almost teetering on the Germanic), I can’t help but think in light of its consistent visual design, it would take a few busy bee intrusions into other’s cells until finally stumbling (hopefully not off the staircases fourth floor) upon your own oasis.

As we eagerly await getting amongst the upcoming festivities such as Falls, Subsonic, and Strawberry Fields; we might still have to suffer the tent stench and muscle aches for a little while longer. Bee-and-B is still in the preliminary trial stage, but pending positive feedback from the test babies, they’ll go into mass production come the European autumn. Delicious!

You can check out the future of festival-ing here.



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