Dance Music Fans Tweet more than anyone else

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Dance Music Fans Tweet more than anyone else



A recent study has uncovered that dance music fans use twitter more than any other users.

This rather obscure study was headed by the team of Eventbrite (an online ticketing service ) and the insights firm Mashwork, who noted this surprising statistic concerning the social media platform along with other findings in their joint venture for the EDM Audience Analysis. 

They proved that dance music fans tweet on average 11 times a day, equating to six times more than the average user of twitter; as well as discovering that one in three social posts are concerning dance music in one way or another.

Pretty crazy right?

Martina Wang (Eventbrite’s senior marketing manager) believes the good vibes associated with dance music are the reason behind the stats, speaking with Billboard in an recent interview elaborating that “We suspect EDM continues to boom because of this overwhelming positivity, affinity for the live experience and hyper social sharing. It’s the love of the experience that keeps fans coming back for more and promoting continuously to their friends.”

The study also confirmed that users become more active when they attend a dance music event, which is unsurprising with the amount of smart phones that are thrown around (in some cases literally) at gigs and festivals today.

So what do we gain from this interesting piece of knowledge? Not much, other than the fact that a whole lot of people are digging dance music at the moment, and are happy to let everyone else know about it.



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