JUST when we started loving to hate successful DJ's as heartless, money-hungry sellouts, they've gone and (cough) turned the tables on us, haw haw!

Pioneer Electronics have launched the Pioneer DJ Art Mix Tour, a fundraising initiative that gets urban artists and DJs to ejaculate a stream of creative subconscious onto a bunch of blanch canvases which are actually a bunch of CDJ-2000s!

Unveiled as part of the Downtown LA Art Walk last week, each CDJ-2000 will be put up for auction with all proceeds heading to the hot little hands of  the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, an organisation that aims to restore instrumental music education programs in America’s public schools while raising awareness about the cruciality of music as part of a child's education.

Featuring everyone from Zedd to 12th Planet, it's pree cool if you ask us! You can check them out and decide which one you would bid on if you had the money here. Also we guess if you do have the money you can place an actual bid.

Check out some of the designs below.




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