Abandoned Party Palaces: 10 Haunted Rave Spots

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Abandoned Party Palaces: 10 Haunted Rave Spots

As a collective who enjoy breaking into abandoned buildings at the worst of times, we felt we couldn’t help but pick up these rad photos of abandoned night spots that have been doing the internet circulation.

Urban decay at its finest, the photos feature night spots that have left to be at the mercy of the ravers of Christmas past and drunk night-dwellers alike.

Honourable mention goes to No. 8, the abandoned Communist Party headquarters of Bulgaria. Not strictly a party venue, we can imagine this place holding an underground rave so big that you’d surely be seeing red.

Also a shout out for No. 7, the abandoned Perth Entertainment Centre. That’s right world, Australia can be creepy too!

Check this shit out or the German clubs after everyone has left.

1. Majestyk Nightclub, Leeds, UK


2. Tuxedo Royale Nightclub Cruise, Drifting somewhere around the UK


3. Starlight Music Theatre, New York City, USA


4. Millennium Complex, Plymouth, UK


5. KTV and Nightclub Longgang, Shezen, China

Abandoned Club
abandoned club

6. Borscht Belt Resort Nightclub, New York, USA

abandoned club
abandoned club

7. Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, Australia

abandoned club

8. Communist Party Headquarters, Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

abandoned club
abandoned club

9. Abandoned Water Tower Nightclub, New York City, USA


And last but not freaking least;

10. Diskotek “Schatzi”, Hagenbrunn, Austria

abandoned club

Also be sure to check out German clubs after everyone has left

[via whiteraverriding]


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