Tom Piper and Blaze Tripp – Brrrap 2
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Tom Piper and Blaze Tripp – Brrrap 2

Tom Piper and Blaze Tripp have re teamed up for their production dubbed ‘BRRRAP 2’, which is the follow on to from (you guessed it!) ‘BRRRAP’. (No 1)

Out on No Frills recordings, this interpretation builds like a dutch bangor and transitions into a dubstep pace glitch stomper. The vibe of the track has been updated to a palatable heavy style that would go down well at any dubstep night!

Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp – Brrrap 2 [OUT NOW] by Blaze Tripp

To put some perspective on the evolution of the song here is the original.

Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp – Brrrap! (Original Mix) by Blaze Tripp


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