Watch: Dj Answers with Seth Troxler
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Watch: Dj Answers with Seth Troxler

Check out the laid back house producer Seth Troxler when he sat down to chat with our friends at Onebeat tv. American born, the minimal king can now be often found behind the decks at Fabric, London or his Summer residency at DC 10, Ibiza. This guy has rock solid grooves and is recognized for it.

Crowned by Resident Advisor as number 1 Dj of the year his sound of the underground has become anything but that. As a hot commodity behind the decks throughout Europe and South America Troxler has become a fast global favorite.

He will be heard this year headlining Ultra Music Festival‘s ‘Surface’ area, a new concept focused on the ‘Who’s Who’ of dance. Watch what he had to stay about the fun he has had on the journey of a Dj. ¬†From the kitchen to private jets this down to earth producer is a legend in the making.


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