Miami’s Mansion nightclub are at it again kicking DJ Shadow off the decks on his Miami leg of his 'All Bases Covered' tour.

Turns out DJ Shadow's music is 'too future' for the club that is never that far from controversy after kicking Dennis Ferrer off his set earlier this year.

Video footage from a fan captures the moment a club promoter tells DJ Shadow to leave the decks leaving a raucous pissed off crowd in his foot path.

As a ticketed and promoted event headlined by DJ Shadow its just hard to understand why they bothered booking him in the first place.

The on-going debate surrounding 'table service' calling the shots continues to rage. Watch DJ Shadow get kicked off the DJ decks

Fans of DJ Shadow took to Mansion Nightclubs Facebook to express their anger and dismay and the very silly decision to remove the heralded producer.

DJ Shadow Kicked

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