This track is for all of you banger babies out there still crying yourselves to sleep every night because Crookers split. After announcing their decision to take different paths back in October, the "death rattle" over the past few weeks has reverberated in the quintessential Crookers style - HARD, HEAVY, and flippin' SWEET.

"Pop That Bootleg" is the first track Phra's released as the solo Crooker, and it's obvious that he's doing just fine holding down the fort. The bootleg of French Montana's "Pop That" was produced in collaboration with RVBRA, another Italian duo who Phra refers to as "2 guys from Rome, dresses as Filippino Gs." RVBRA describe themselves in a bit more detail: "RVBRA is simply all you want RVBRA should be. All the things you love, all things you hate, all things you are unaware of. RVBRA is Nicki Minaj’s ass, RVBRA is Michael Jordan’s dunk or Michael Jordan dunking into Nicki Minaj’s ass. Big fat booty moovin’. Beardy men. STOP." No wonder they linked up with Crookers, and will also have releases forthcoming from Ciao Recs.

Die hards, don't forget that you can commemorate your favorite former duo through their hits compilation, From Then Until NowBang on Phra, keep 'em coming.