Yolanda Be Cool – Love Keep feat. Barbara Tucker (Benson & Ajax Remix)
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Yolanda Be Cool – Love Keep feat. Barbara Tucker (Benson & Ajax Remix)

Benson’s name being co-credited next to Ajax on a Yolanda Be Cool remix is certainly a big deal for the rising producer, but there’s a lot more luck and coincidence involved in the collaboration than you might expect.

“I was eighteen and had just moved from Melbourne to the Central Coast” Benson shakily tells us, slouching in his musty armchair* just as so many other ‘when I was a boy’ stories have begun.

“I was at a club in Terrigal handing in a demo to the local club promoter. When I got there I noticed that Ajax was DJing – I had all his mixtapes and was that keen to see him play” the actually-twenty-two-year-old producer recalls. “After watching his set I bumped into him outside and had a chat with him (I was like a little school girl). The fella then offered me a lift back to my parents house on his way home”. Being a reckless rapscallion, the kid obliged.

“After chatting for the short drive, I was asking him tips on how to start producing music, i.e. programs, keyboards, sample kits. I had no fucking idea!”

Now here comes the magic. “About 4 years later, Ajax hit me up to do some remix work for the label. I had moved back to Melbourne by this stage and he didn’t release it was the same eighteen year old skinner from all those years ago. Once I told him, he was shocked! Then after a number of remixes for Sweat, he brought me a rough version of his remix for Yolanda, asking for me input on the project. He sent me the parts which he’d started and we went from there. Starting with the main hook and bass, I put together the arrangement, drums and percs, and it just went from there.”

That’s a producer’s fairytale come true right there, not to mention another reminder of the role Ajax has had in shaping the Australian electronic music scene.

P.S. The track is house gold too.

*Story may have actually been instantaneously communicated by a healthy young man via the magic of the Interwebs.


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