We're big fans of all things Australian, more so when indie-dance crooners Clubfeet remix our favourite local dudes Purple Sneakers DJs.

"Last One Standing" is the new Robyn sounding single that's been getting a fair bit of play at Stoney HQ. It's got easy synth-work and a great feature from Swedish vocalist Amy Pes.

The clubfeet remix swills in the brain, allowing each sensation to release and air, touching on different lobes it really is a summer anthem waiting to happen!

Get a free download while you can... few festival appearances/shows below;

16.11.2012 - Soundscape Festival, Hobart - http://thesoundscapefestival.com/wordpress/
17.11.2012 - Trinity Bar, Canberra - http://trinitybarcanberra.com.au/
01.01.2012 - Summafieldayze, Melbourne
01.01.2012 - Field Day, Sydney

Last One Standing ft. Amy Pes (Clubfeet Remix) by Purple Sneakers DJs