Petition to push for Beatport to add ‘fairer’ genres!
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Petition to push for Beatport to add ‘fairer’ genres!

A progressive house DJ out of Melbourne, Australia by the name of Luke Chable has kicked off a petition to push Beatport to introduce new genres.

The petition calls for the dance and electronic store front to introduce two classifications – “Big Room” & “Commercial Dance” with Luke reasoning: “The progressive house genre is littered with both big room and commercial dance records, and many true progressive house artists get lost in the process, along with new artists struggling to even get a look in.”

We’d tend to wholeheartedly agree and add that this is part of a bigger underlying issue of more than just the ‘progressive house’ genre filled with tracks that have broken through to commercial environments and don’t need the support of a platform like Beatport any more – who’s real intentions should be to explore and develop new sounds!

Link: Sign the petition here 

Other interesting responses add the need to give “Give small labels a fighting chance against big budget operations” as to “Level out the playing field” so we can all see and hear “a surge of fresh sounds and less recycling of the same sounds.”

A system whereby when a single or remix sold through a certain number of sales would equate to it moving into a bigger pond or commercial environment – that way it can still chart but within context of other popular tunes and allow a chance for young producers and labels to credit recognition.

In my eyes there is still a market for ‘Commercial Dance’ with certain DJs utilising this list and thus generating more income for the digital store.

As it stands the petition has garnered 476 signature so far, we’d like to see this closer to 10,000 which is why we’re throwing our support behind the need for new genres and a better classification on Beatport.

Link: Sign the petition here


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