Tyson – Mr Rain (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)
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Tyson – Mr Rain (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)

There isn’t a Tyson track I’ve disliked… I am sitting here racking my brain about how that is at all possible?! The remix packages are always delicious with superb artists adding their spin to funky tracks with Tyson’s earthy vocals. Earthy in the sense that nothing more natural or soothing to the ears could exist (well it might… but I haven’t heard it yet if it exists…).

This slice of heaven is courtesy of Mario Basanov who surely does not need an introduction BUT if you are slow on the uptake here are some fun facts:

1. He is from Lithuania

2. He could be considered a modern magician in terms of blending electronica, house and nu disco

3. He has blonde hair

This track is punchy, features a bassline so deep you’ll drown and Tyson’s voice, lyrics, everything has had me lost count of how many times I’ve had this on repeat already.


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