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Manic Brothers

We caught up with Swedish twin duo the Manic Brothers, who have been carving their niche as Djs and producers for the past few years and were recently signed to DrumcodeAdam Beyer’s iconic techno label. When we chatted with them about upcoming releases, they couldn’t reveal much of this ‘classified’ information, but with their announcement last week of signing onto Beyer’s team, it’s safe to say we will be seeing some top quality techno coming from these two in the near future. They’ve been producing and developing their sound for the past few months with Sweden’s techno giants and the rest of Europe. Here’s what they had to say:

You are in the US playing a couple of gigs, how is that?

We fortunately have been in contact and working with some local producers, as well as some Swedish friends. Miami is such an international town, the vibe here isn’t much different from Sweden. It’s a holiday for us.

Where else in Europe have you guys been traveling?

Amsterdam, Berlin, and everywhere there is techno. We traveled with Adam (Beyer) to last year’s Awakenings. We have also been playing gigs around Sweden and in Miami.

Production-wise what have you been working on?

We’ve been producing since 2008, still fresh in the business but have come a long way in a short time. We have a few projects going on but we cannot talk about much now. We are hoping for a few release in the coming months.

You guys have been rolling with the DrumCode crew is that right?

Yea, that’s our big inspiration. It’s our first big label we got in touch with in the techno scene. We came in the scene at the Drumcode parties, every one is a big one.

What do you think about the techno scene in the US?

Its more chill and more commercial in the US as a whole compared to Miami. The UK and Europe has the bigger underground scene. It’s coming though here.

Who would you like to work with in the studio?

The dream come true? You can’t just pick one artist. If you have to pick one ‘team’ it would definitely be Drumcode. They are such inspirations and a whole big family. It’s a really good vibe.

You have a monthly in Sweden, tell us a bit about that.

We have a monthly at Fabriken. We book all sorts of artists every month. We essentially just try to bring the best underground music from around Europe.

How is it playing with some of the big artists?

It’s great to meet them. We try and focus on who inspired us when we book them. It’s an honor to be a player and part of it.


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