Diplo disses Coachella
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Diplo disses Coachella


Diplo, one of Twitters most prolific dance profiles has hit out at the Coachella 2012 lineup.

Although the original tweet has now been deleted, the one-half creative behind Major Lazer and production for M.I.A and Beyonce tweeted: “maybe im just throwing shade but coachsmella looks pretty lame this year.. u used to be a place to check out new bands/music.” adding “besides snoop and dre thats boss shit right there” and “its like bootleg ultra w a few bands that are ‘safe’.” Admittedly, the lineup does have its share of predictable indie bands and cheesed-out Euro-dance superstars, but those things have their place, too.”

It’s a bit sad to see that Diplo pulled the tweet though.

As an at-times overly opinionated person it’s a testament to stick by your word. Should it really make any difference if Joe Bloggs said it or Diplo? Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and someone with the musical depth as Mr Pentz might have it on good authority to know what’s flash and what isn’t.

Maybe it was just the fact Major Lazer was left off the bill?

This year will be the first year the festival is held over two weekends, full lineup here including a breakdown of dance acts over the full set of dates.

via Stereogum


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