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Name/s and hometown?

Tom Austen and Will Morris, both from the mysterious producer and DJ conveyor belt that is Lincoln;although Will now lives in Leeds for Uni, and I study in Nottingham.

Sea Urchins get around very slowly on the sea floor, what were you guys doing
when you came up with the name?

Ha! I’d like to say it’s because we move equally slowly in our production, but in all honesty I’m notreally sure what we were thinking of when we came up with the name! I think when you come upwith a name the natural thing to do is either to have something that comes straight into your head,have something prepared that was a nickname or something when you were younger or just mix twostrange words next to each other. Otherwise put LOADS too much thought in to it and come out withsomething that’s actually quite underwhelming. In all likelihood we were drunk, in fairness.

Do you believe a consistent sound (Fake Blood, Jack Beats) or a diverse sound

helps build a successful career?

I think that there is definitely something to be said for both approaches – generally if you establish asound that works, it continues to work the more you develop it and perhaps you’d be stupid to totallychange it. But electronic music moves so fast, and even people that you think have a consistentsound will be gradually changing little bits with every track as they get new influences and soundsthey love. We basically make a whole host of different sounding tracks because we think it helpskeep us on our toes and we like experimenting with different sounds and styles – but I’m sure if westruck upon something beautiful that did really well for us, we’d be happy to stay consistent with it;gradually improving it with every song! We’re keeping our options firmly open right now!

Although you deleted your myspace recently, could you attribute some success to the old site?

Myspace was once such a great tool for musicians, and it literally beggars belief that they haveseem to have managed to mess it up! There was a time when you literally couldn’t be a producer ormusician in general if you didn’t have Myspace, but they gambled on changing it all up; and peoplemoved across to Soundcloud and Facebook instead. Then they seem to have panicked and changedit more; and it’s now unusable. Myspace definitely helped us in the early days, but we get a lot moreplays on Soundcloud every week than we ever did in a week on Myspace.

Growing up were there any other paths you guys were leading down instead of

We’ve both always been really in to music from an early age so it sort of figures that we’re creatingmusic today. I’m currently finishing my second year studying Law; which I guess is my back upoption!

Boats sinking, you can only grab one thing (each), what is it?

I personally would grab the dinghy. Failing that; the lifejacket. Getting away from sensible answers,I’d probably grab my xBox 360 which helps me procrastinate so much at times when I reallyshouldn’t. Will would probably grab a kiss off the captain (he’s well into able Seamen).(If you hadn’t guessed, Will didn’t answer his phone during the time I was writing this – hopefully he’slearnt his lesson).

If you haven’t already be sure to go buy their Xylophobe ep w/remixes from Grum and Ado on Beatport.


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