Talking shop with Channel Tres; collaborating with Flume, mental health and that ‘good energy’

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Talking shop with Channel Tres; collaborating with Flume, mental health and that ‘good energy’

Channel Tres is a musical chameleon having moved through and conquered the silky smooth rnb world and now, has some more fused electronic releases under his belt and leaving his mark there too.

We were lucky to catch up for a chat just prior to his Australian tour with Flume and Toro Y Moi and talked collaborations, mental health and that ‘good energy’.

*interview questions were sent pre-tour! 

SR: We’re so excited to have you back playing shows in Australia for the first time since 2019! How does it feel to head down under again? And what do you like most about Australia?

CT: I’m very grateful to be back. I was really bummed when those shows got cancelled, but I’m grateful I’ve gotten better as an artist and person since then and the experience of being here this time was way more fulfilling

SR: While you’re here, is there anyone you’re keen to hang/catch up/collaborate with?

CT: Flume and I hung out and made some music, and was also catching up Toro y Moi

SR: You’ve collaborated with Mura Masa this year, as well as released a few singles, even two electronic-focused Eps. It’s safe to say that your sound is eclectic, constantly evolving and driven by a range of influences. Are you purposely exploring a variety of sounds, or is this just an organic extension of who you are as a person

CT: I’m purposely exploring and it’s also who I am. I grew up on gospel music and the musicians I grew up around could play any type of music, so that’s the culture I come from.

SR: Earlier this year you released an electronic-focused beat tape ‘Refresh’. We love how funky and unrestrained it is. Is there a deeper meaning behind the title?

CT: I had to change a lot in my life earlier this year, letting go of negative people and thought patterns. So I hit the refresh button on myself, and that music was made during that time.

SR: With everything that has happened in the world over the past two years, what are some tough lessons you’ve learned or endured over this time?

CT: Do things for yourself, not to prove things to people. Just prove to YOU and everything else will come.

SR: You’ve previously mentioned that you love to get people moving. Do you feel like moving and being active helps your mental health?

CT: It can. I like to go on walks and hikes, and that really helps during stressful times. Also, the body is very interesting, I’m finding I can do things with my body I never thought I could if I practice and work on particular things for a time period.

SR: Between your dance moves on stage and your fluid sense of fashion, you really look like your true self on stage. How important is self-expression for you?

CT: It’s very important. I was very closed off because of a strict religious up bringing and as I’ve gotten older, I found that if you close yourself off to the world you miss a lot of beauty. My fashion sense has broadened because I embrace and learn about other people and study, and that causes me to want my own freedom in expression. I’ve just learned to be true to myself at all times.

SR: Moving forward this year, have you set any new goals for yourself?

CT: Finish the year strong and take an inventory and get better.

SR: You recently released ‘6AM’ and it’s an unapologetic, feel-good party anthem. Would you say 6AM is a form of validation, encompassing the grind – good times and bad for yourself?

CT: It’s that and just a really good energy I wanted to put out in the world to be accessed whenever someone needs it.

So there you have it! An artist doing their own thing and making great music. Check out “6am” below and a couple more snaps from a one on one shoot with Channel Tres.


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