SBTRKT shares new single “GHOST” featuring LEILAH

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SBTRKT shares new single “GHOST” featuring LEILAH

To say it’s been a while between drinks for Aaron Jerome aka SBTKRT would be an understatement, with his debut made way back in 2009, some 23 years ago!

His breakout was based around “Hold On” with vocals by Sampha in 2012 which led to a global fan base. This was during early internet music discovery which meant fans could support non-commercial music in new unorthodox ways. He also led early features with Ezra Koenig, ASAP Ferg, Little Dragon, Sampha and Drake before their own careers fully took hold.

The good news is he’s been dropping new wares of late including “Bodmin Moor” and jungly “Miss The Days” with the latest “GHOST” featuring LEILAH yet another crossroads of RnB, Bass and experimental Dubstep – all sounds that helped break the original project.

SBTRKT speaks on the release’s poignant place in the present world;

“‘GHOST’ is about how noisy the world feels, the fatigue it creates and as a result, shutting down and wanting to dissociate whilst withholding your state of mind”

To us, it’s once again deeply emotive sonics that is able to connect with people on a raw emotional level but also on a fuzzed-out surface level, something SBTRKT has wandered to and fro from the start.

What would have once would have stood far and above his peers is a different ball game now with experimental electronica surfacing more readily. This isn’t throwing shade at all and actually a hat tip to the pioneering innovation that SBTRKT allowed, in taking electronic out of the clubs and into bedrooms and walks in the rain.

Each track released so far weighs in under 3 minutes and again, would have seemed obscure 10 years ago, which means it’s actually perfectly built for streaming and a Tik Tok world.

While “Hold On” feat Sampha allowed SBTRKT to crawl, “GHOST” feat LEILAH means he’s walking and exploring with a lived life behind the beats.

We’re excited for more to come!


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