This Marc Rebillet live mix is the antidote

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This Marc Rebillet live mix is the antidote

Sick of stressful headlines? All your friends getting COVID? Why not check out and tune into this awesome bedroom mix by the the energetic Marc Rebillet.

For those familiar, Marc has been a bit under the radar. In the past he may have streamed once a week, but more recently it’s been much more sporadic. This video particularly pricked our attention because he explains how he broke his bum on his (not kidding) electric unicycle and also is a bit over his current live set up. But he goes into way more detail if you feel like watching! It’s from about 12 to 20 mins.

If you’re interested in him talking about this, skip to about 12 minutes. Or if you are after a bit of a dopamine pick up, play from 23 minutes onwards.


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