Ben UFO delivers colossal Essential Mix

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Ben UFO delivers colossal Essential Mix

Ultimate selector Ben UFO has delivered a stonking BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix some 8 years after his first showing in 2013.

The most recent mix is predictably rather large with a tracklisting that spans obscure world beats to darker, deeper cuts of electronica. The usuals can be spotted as well with jams from Overmono, Joy Orbison, Floating Points and even a KH dub of the Four Tet and Skrillex Collab ‘Butterflies’ rounding out the mix.

Ben UFO made a rare appearance in Australia in our weird little month of freedom from restrictions in April and from all reports, brought the house down with an extended mix into the early morning.

The Pearson Sound co-owner and in-demand DJ really isn’t too heavy on the loudness or personal statements and leaves most of that to his DJ and selection ability which is on full display here!

Fun fact, a Ben UFO fan once reached out about a nightmare that involved him having a serious Go Kart crash. To console the fan he offered up some spots on a guest list for his next show.

Ben UFO BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Tracklisting

Kassem Mosse – Untitled
Dusk – Shadow Boxer
Mava & Nebukat – Polymer
Anunaku & DJ Plead – Wheele
Mosca – All Very Hush Hush
North Lake – LustTraxx
Kamohelo – SO
Eric Maltz – Pathway
Neinzer – Flurry
DJ Qu – Repeat
DJ Lag – London Riot
De Schuurman – Poeng Ka Poeng Ka
Central Intelligence – Alpha Base
Quazar – Isis
Wata Igarashi – Bones
Ploy – Rayhana
Overmono – Aero
Elkka – Harmonic Frequencies
Huey Mnemonic – Vibrations Radio
Callum Asa – T2F
Skrillex & Four Tet – Butterflies (KH Dub)
Waleed – Se Rompen
Joy Orbison Feat. James Messiah & Bathe – Swag With Kav
Floating Points – Problems
Biemsix – Pot As Friend
Matisa – Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!
Rhyw – Bee Stings
Two Shell – Over U
Hodge – Untitled
Mamaki Boys – Kagani Kagani
Call Super – Eye Flow Wide
Sidewinder – Can You Float?
Urban Shakedown – Untitled
Tim Reaper & Dust-E-1 – The Rush
Two Shell – Home
Alpha & Omega – Shuruaat Aur Ant

Stream Ben UFO’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix below

Keen for just a little bit more Ben UFO? What about a 3-hour B2B with Joy Orbison!


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