Festival super fan gets ashes shot out of air-cannon during headline set

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Festival super fan gets ashes shot out of air-cannon during headline set

Everyone remembers their festival first right? For me, it was catching James Brown at Good Vibrations in 2006. Nothing like it. Well, what about a festival last? Such was the case for a UK festival super-fan who had his ashes ceremonially shot out of an air-cannon mid-set. We kid you not.

The story starts out with the tragic passing of a man named Stuart Mitchell in July this year. In turn, this meant his family sold his tickets to Creamfields and in doing so, requested the buyers of the tickets scatter some of his ashes at the festival. His father said they would be “most grateful if you were able to scatter them somewhere at Creamfields, so that he truly went there one last time”.

The pair who bought the tickets, cousins Ryan and Liam Millen said they’d be happy to do it butwent one step further and created a banner they took to the festival as a tribute to Stewart.

What started out as a beautiful tribute in taking the banner around the festival and get some photos taken to share with Mitchell’s family, got even wilder once they got in contact with the organisers of Creamfields.

What went from a fitting tribute, went to the next level when organisers came back and said they’d blast Stewarts’ ashes out of a cannon mid-set during Tiesto’s headline performance!

Without knowing it, Stewart was a huge fan of Tiesto who’s classic banger ‘Adagio for Strings’ was played at his funeral. His family were certainly overwhelmed saying it was “the first bit of good news” the family had received since his passing.

While incredibly tragic, what music fan wouldn’t want this fitting moment!

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