Sydney pushes for ‘Vaccine Passport’ to allow people back into pubs

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Sydney pushes for ‘Vaccine Passport’ to allow people back into pubs

While NSW stares down the barrel of an extended lockdown, the City of Sydney team and Independent member of Sydney Alex Greenwich are appealing to the Premiere to start work on a ‘Vaccine Passport’.

The ‘Vaccine Passport’ would work in a similar way to countries overseas including France that means if you’ve been fully vaccinated with two doses you’ll be able to visit sports venues, cinemas, museums, nightclubs and festivals. The UK is in a similar boat and about to roll out their own version which will require a full vaccination status to enter clubs.

On a macro level, the EU has instated a similar passport that lets almost unlimited quarantine-free travel through the region with people visiting countless countries in a post-lockdown tour according to the ABC.

In Australia though, until recently, amid a shortage of vaccines have come heavy restrictions and lockdowns across the country most severely affecting New South Wales and Victoria in an effort to control the highly transmissible Delta variant. In some good news, a big uptick in the supply of vaccines and amount of people getting vaccinated has come a time to consider what a ‘Vaccine Passport’ would look like locally.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Independent member of Sydney Alex Greenwich has come together to appeal to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to start working on a ‘Vaccine Passport’. This passport would allow people to move freely and get back into pubs and access services.

Clover Moore posted to her Facebook page just why it should be considered asap;

Lockdowns to stop the Delta variant have been necessary to save lives, but they have also had severe impacts on society and the economy.
Family and friends have been isolated from each other and many businesses have been devastated by closures.

While restrictions will continue for some time, it’s important to ensure that systems are in place to allow our state to reopen as soon as it’s safe to do so.

On behalf of Sydney’s hospitality businesses, Alex Greenwich and I have written to the Premier calling for work to begin on a vaccine passport.

More than 50% of NSW residents aged 16 and up have now received their first vaccine dose – that number is growing by the day.
When we reach high vaccination targets and low community transmission, vaccinated people should be allowed access to venues and services – this would speed up the process of reopening the economy and provide another incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Opening up venues as soon as possible would be good for businesses and solace for our community, but we should first ensure everyone who wants to be vaccinated has had the chance to do so.”

While early days on the concept, it does make sense and mirrors similar initiatives in several countries around the world that have higher vaccinations rates.

Would you get vaccinated if it means you can get back to the pub?


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