Mandatory COVID-19 passports or negative tests for French clubs

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Mandatory COVID-19 passports or negative tests for French clubs

Looks like France will enact the same policy as the UK with a COVID-19 vaccine passport or negative tests needed to enter their clubs.

In short, proof of full Covid-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test is set to become mandatory for clubs in France since the announcement by President Emmanuel Macron on the 26th of July.

The major difference between the UK and French policy though is the latter is broader in its scope. This means you’ll also need it to get into cinemas, bars, restaurants, and trains –¬†sacre bleu.

Their approach might have something to do with current COVID-19 cases doubling to 23,000, nearly double the cases from last week. The new rules come into place as they look to control the Delta variant that has caused havoc globally.

While we agree with measures that should help speed the opening nightlife around the world, we wonder who foots the bill for staff or equipment to enforce it? It seems that once again, clubs etc need to spend more time and energy to make this a reality.

When we posted the UK announcement to the Stoney Roads Facebook and posed the question of it happening here in Australia we were surprised by the responses!


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