Cult Japanese drink ‘Strong Zero’ lands in Australia

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Cult Japanese drink ‘Strong Zero’ lands in Australia

Anyone who’s found themselves in the cultural melting pot of Tokyo, Japan would already be across the premixed can of goodness you can pick up at your local Family Mart upon arrival. The delicious drinks consists of local tipple shochu, a dash of vodka, squeeze of lemon and splash of soda which weighs in at a stoutly 6%.

Well, the good news is the cult Japanese drink should have, by the time of reading this, landed in Australia. It’s pretty well known Australians have a huge soft spot for the culture and food so the introduction of ‘Strong Zero’ just rounds out the love triangle.

Suntory, the brand behind the punchy little fella say they are known for having a ”punch of fruit flavors packed in every sip” so you know summer is just begging for this human-can relationship to be taken to the next level!

Those wondering exactly what flavour to expect should prep themselves for just one, the ‘Suntory Strong Zero Minus 196 Double Lemon’. More specifically though, the minus 196 refers to the lemons being frozen in liquid nitrogen to around -196°C. From there The icy cold lemon is then crushed and soaked in booze and mixed together and delivered in can form – how good!

Those on the hunt can try your local and keep your eyes out for the four and ten packs across independent stores before major retailers next month.


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