Giant industrial power station for sale in Australia

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Giant industrial power station for sale in Australia

A disused industrial power station in Perth is up for sale and many are wanting to turn it into a giant club, akin to Berlin’s infamous Berghain and to be honest, it already looks the part!

Thanks to the keen eyes over at fellow music destination Pilerats who noticed the unused block was finally up for sale after sitting vacant for years now. They said in recent years its really just been left to decay but still offering a sense of adventure;

”Basically, everyone in Perth will recognise the South Freo Power Station, the deserted and boarded up building on the North Coogee beach that’s become somewhat of an icon in Perth’s southern suburbs. Over the last few decades, the power station has been fenced up and left to decay, and in the years since, has become a bit of a hotspot for adventurers seeking a bit of a late-night discovery session, as well as tourists and content creators searching for a place to take some shots/film for the ‘gram. ”

They were tipped off by ABC News Perth who wanted to know what readers thought the location could be turned into. Plenty of suggestions came through including education, music, mental health but by and large many pointed to something for the arts.

Anyone familiar with dance music would certainly be across famed nightclub Berghain in Berlin and would make an eerily comparison in history and potential to the Perth spot. This, coupled with Perths overly strong music scene just makes so much sense. Honestly, stick a decent sound system in there, play music 24-7 and sign us the f-up.

So far there have been 12 bids to turn the station and surrounding land into something probably a bit more boring but you never know, some kid with millions in crypto could swoop through and help make this dream come alive.


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