Premiere: Golden Vessel shares new electronica project 1tbsp

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Premiere: Golden Vessel shares new electronica project 1tbsp

Maxwell Byrne aka Golden Vessel has kicked off a new melodic electronic project dubbed 1tbsp and with it, a brilliant first single.

Golden Vessel has long been known for his brand of drowsy indie-pop filled with plenty of guitars, lowly pitched vocals and underlying, looping drums. So, with news of a more electronic orientated project and new music, we were all ears.

The new project 1tbsp is said to be geared towards more melodic, lo-fi electronica in the veins of DJ Boring, Ross From Friends and Caribou and we’d tend to agree after the first listen of “In Europe, Kinda Sad”.

With the sad name – inspired by a stint in Berlin comes a looping flush of synths, a harder set of drums and smattering of bright melodic tones. Its delicate simplicity lends itself to a track you can listen to over and over and over.

Maxwell tells it best;

“I started this song in mid-2018 in Amsterdam with my friend Rutger (aka The Nicholas). He had some toy casio keyboards which we made a bunch of synth recordings on. I tried to use those recordings in 2 or 3 other songs but eventually, they found their way into this project. I was actually back in Europe in late 2019 and was really inspired by the club scene in berlin and I started making this EP. I’m always going through old ideas and seeing if they can be repurposed.”

Check out the first single from 1tbsp below;


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