Four Tet surprises with two new albums ‘Parallel’ and ‘871’

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Four Tet surprises with two new albums ‘Parallel’ and ‘871’

Know the feeling of coming home and a package you forgot you ordered has arrived? Cue that the feels when Four Tet surprises all with two entirely new albums filled with electronic goodness.

The kicker, only announcing them hours before their respective releases!

The album ‘Parallel’ is a dense discovery of moody and moving electronic of which, a portion has been actually released under his various monikers. It’s very much an explorative and melodic album, not really featuring many catchy hooks or vocal chops, and instead ploughs forward with a collection of sonic soundscapes (Parallel 7 is a soothing favourite).

The other album, ‘871’ definitely flew under the radar for most with a Bandcamp only release that features works that span between August 1995 and January 1997. The release is more chaotic yet rewarding as it forms a linear, yet abstract glimpse of Four Tets inner workings over that time period. Expect more guitar licks and ambient, drowsy textures.

If that wasn’t enough, Four Tet will be dropping his collaborative album with pioneering beat-producer Madlib sometime this year. The first single “Road Of The Lonely Ones” has us eagerly excited for the release of the entire thing!

What could possibly come next…


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