Lost Remixes: Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (Cousin Cole Remix)

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Lost Remixes: Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (Cousin Cole Remix)

Lost Remixes is a series that digs up forgotten, unofficial remixes and mash ups that once ruled the music blogosphere and dance-floors.

One hit wonder Soulja Boy entered the scene explosively in 2007 with his career defining single ‘Crank Dat’. In the process of the release’s atomic rise, the US rapper got help from an unlikely source in a little known New York remix producer called Cousin Cole.

Coming straight from the era of everyone remixing everything, Cousin Cole flipped the slow paced rap track into a wonky house number that dominated blogs, topped the Hype Machine chart and created waves across MySpace profiles.

This remix is a direct reflection on the enthusiasm of producers to push stuff out into the blogosphere, sweetly positioned in the heat of the blog download era.


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