Solomun shares deep new single “Home” ahead of album release

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Solomun shares deep new single “Home” ahead of album release

Deep house purveyor Solomun has shared a new single “Home” ahead of a new, yet to be announced album due out in early 2021 – his first in 11 years.

Thew new track is an ode to the special places that we dance and connect in and that we so dearly miss right now as put by the Bosnian-German DJ;

In every place, music can find a home. But in order to really experience music, you have to actually go to rooms that were specially designed for it. In those sacred rooms, music can actually get to people. And the desire for it has never been greater. The desire to feel it, experience it, hear it, to share it with people. HOME reminds us of these moments. Of the things we miss.

While the track doesn’t break any new boundaries it still feels very warm and familiar and will be a welcome addition to any dancefloor. The biggest coup of the release is the music video for “Home” with a cast of people moving and dancing through different places and again, making us miss moving so badly.

Need a little bit oomph for the week? Check out Solomuns full set for Cercle in 2018!


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