David of Vallis Alps strikes out with new project Davey

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David of Vallis Alps strikes out with new project Davey

You’ve heard of Davey before and you’d never know it with his presence as one half of celebrated electronic Australian duo Vallis Alps.

While the ‘Alps project has been on hold since 2017, Davey has struck out with his own brand of electroncia and once again flexing his impeccable production skills.

His first single “Not Me” feat Sol employed bombastic drums and a heavy alt-Hip-Hop vibe and secured the bag with support from Triple J, Billboard, NME and more.

His new single “N.I.4.N.I” (pronounced: An Eye For An Eye) breaks even more ground for the solo producer who explains the optics of the track;

“I’ve always thought of N.I.4.N.I. as a modern interpretation of an early 2000’s euro festival track. I also wanted a grainy, Limewire-era-mp3 feel to N.I.4.N.I., so there’s distortion everywhere – I tend to obsess over the minutiae of sound quality, but sometimes it’s more fun to make a song with no sound quality at all.”

Post (several) listens we’re entirely on-board with the sugery loudness and bold energy that it brings. In short, it’s something very unique, very different and very welcome addition to the Australian musical landscape.

Stream ‘N.I.4.N.I.’ below;

Daveys self-titled EP drops November 20th, pre-order it here.


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