The story of the DJ with the only copy of Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’

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The story of the DJ with the only copy of Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’

In 2004, a lesser known Scottish producer by the name of Mylo released a track called ‘Drop The Pressure’. Before it was licensed by a record label for distribution, dance legend DJ Ajax of the infamous party crew Bang Gang managed to snag the only copy of the song in Australia. For a period of time, it made the infamous party crew’s dance-floor of the Moulin Rouge in Kings Cross the only place you could hear it.

In a recent podcast with Stoney Roads, Bang Gang party thrower Gus Da Hoodrat went into the gritty detail.

“That was the biggest song of the night, every night, that, and We Are Your Friends, were these two just monster tracks, you could play them like 4 times and people would keep losing their minds. We then thought, “We’ve gotta get Mylo out here!”

“One night, Ajax was playing Drop The Pressure and I was dancing next to this Scottish guy, he was like,

“Aye, this is Mylo, I know Mylo, he’s from Skye, I’m from Skye,”

I was like, “You know the guy who made this record?” and he’s like “Aye, I do”, and I was like “Man, we should get him out here to play the club. And he’s like, yeah lets hit him up, we hung out, he came back to my house. That morning we called Mylo in Scotland, at the bender, called him from my Nokia and was like, “Hey man, this is Angus from Sydney, Australia, we throw a party, we play your record every week, do you wanna come to DJ for us?” and he was like “Hell yeah, when? Let’s do it, I’m in”. So we organised a spot like two or three months away, we’ll buy your ticket.”

In the meantime, the record for ‘Drop The Pressure’ got licensed in Australia and when it came out, it blew up like crazy. However, not everyone was impressed that Bang Gang had managed to secure Mylo for a club show, and they were approached by the label.

The label got in contact with the party crew with Gus recounting; “We hear you got Mylo booked at the club, we’ve licensed his record, we want him to play for us”, and we’re like, “Great, you can have him next time he comes out”. They weren’t muscling over us, they were just testing the waters if they could get involved. And we were like “Nah man, we booked this guy on the telephone, we have a man-to-man word that he would do this!”

By the time that Mylo came to Australia, he was just insanely big. The Bang Gang crew cheekily squeezed in excess of 500 people into the Moulin Rouge with Gus detailing, “There were stairs that went up to the dance floor, and people would crowd surf off the dance floor and down the stairs, end up at the bar.”

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