Aussie DJs start new dance directory for women and GNC

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Aussie DJs start new dance directory for women and GNC

About 12 months or so ago, a Google sheet began circulating that conveniently listed a stack of female and GNC producers and DJs from around Australia and New Zealand. It included handy things like artist name, state, links to socials and sometimes an email address to help event bookers and what not reach out.

Seems like things got to a certain size that meant turning the once humble doc into a fully functioning directory dubbed the ‘WIP Project’ that not only features artists but also sound engineers, agents, bookers and general industry heads!

The mission statement offers a great insight into the pretty important reasons it needed to exist;

We’re here to unite bookers, artists, and the wider dance community in the common goal of improving diversity and equality through sharing our talents, and championing those who need it.

We wholeheartedly believe that until intersectionality no longer dictates the opportunities that members of the community are given, conscious steps must be taken to build up those who need it most.

The ice-cold operators of the site are both mainstays within the Melbourne electronic music scene with Florence Brown and Sarah Morgan holding down radio spots, residencies and general badassness that gives them an important voice!

Currently, you can browse the site and search out artists like Ninajirachi, Merph and Toni Yotzi but also submit yourself if you feel like it’s your time to shine!


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