Duke Dumont has finally released his debut album

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Duke Dumont has finally released his debut album

Duke Dumont is an artist we’re all very familiar with. With a plethora of catchy singles to his name over the years, it comes as a bit of a surprise that we’ve just been graced with his first-ever album.

Titled Duality, the album is a mix of released and unreleased. It features some of his signature singles including the unforgettable ‘Ocean Drive’ and ‘The Power’ (not on the album, but lest we forget ‘The Giver‘). A stand out track from the new stuff is definitely the first song on LP, ‘Therapy’. It’s filled with a lot of classic early 2000’s house influence with a really striking piano and vocal hook.

In terms of length, this album is only a mere 37 minutes long. But the reason could be maybe because it’s filled with only 10/10 tracks as opposed to maybe an album that tells a story through the body of work.


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