Huge news, another Sydney venue scores late night trading licence!

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Huge news, another Sydney venue scores late night trading licence!

Feels like there’s a change in the waters with yet another Sydney venue scoring a late night trading licence and able to keep their doors open until the early hours!

It’s The Lansdowne near Victoria Park that has earned a cool 5am trading licence meaning they can play tunes and offer up the good times way past your bed time and a major hat-tip to the relatively new owners, The Marys Group who have reestablished the venue as a go-to for week night and weekend music and general socialising with your mates.

Those who have made their way inside over the last 12 months would know the downstairs is a bit of a free for all if you’re about some tunes or a game of pool, while upstairs offers an intimate gig room with a fully flexed sound-system that has hosted a stack of talent including Lastlings, Chanel Tres, Thandi Phoenix, The Kite String Tangle and so much more.

As part of the seriously good news comes the announce of LA party experience A Club Called Rhonda that’s set to take over Saturday August 24th from 9pm until you guessed it, 5am.

They join Chippendale must Freda’s who recently pushed back their closing time to 4am with the nod of the state government and hopefully, the start of something great again in NSW.

As you read this, the NSW government is finishing up an enquiry into the archaic lockout laws that has led to 500,000 less people visiting Sydney and the general collapse of the nighttime economy so there has never been a better time to get up off your butts and get out there!


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