Tourist teases new music in lush ambient mixtape

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Tourist teases new music in lush ambient mixtape

There’s no rest for the wicked with Tourist declaring a new single will be out this Friday called ‘Bunny’. It comes only months after he put out a deep, meditative soulful single titled appropriately ‘Elixr‘.

In the lead up to the new music, the Monday Records owner has dropped into BBC radio’s 6Music mix for a real chilled out set. One of the songs in it, is an original track curiously titled ‘So’ that’s not out yet either. Fast forward to around the 2 hour mark to hear the goods. It’s very relaxing, ambient and weirdly thought provoking stuff. 😎

It appears that Tourist is definitely going down the path of more chilled music, comparatively to his bangin’ U album, with his second album setting the scene for these beautifully crafted beats.


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