Stream Hayden James’ new album ‘Between Us’

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Stream Hayden James’ new album ‘Between Us’

It’s almost impossible to not be a fan of Australian producer Hayden James with a steady stream of warm, electronic beats to his name. The long awaited debut album ‘Between Us’ is conclusive evidence he knows a thing or two about cultivating soulful house ear worms.

The album dropped through Future Classic is filled to the brim with features from local and international guests including Running Touch, GRAACE, Pananma, Elderbrook and more.

Hayden James has created the style of album that is flexible in the listening experience. It can be as easily digested in the office as it could be on the dance floor. The different emotional tones from the vocalists are vivid but strangely non invasive. It’s delicate and beautiful listening, which might have been the reason fans waited so long for it to hit the airwaves.

Check the full ‘Between Us’ tracklisting below;

Hayden James – Hold Me Back feat Boy Matthews
Hayden James – Nowhere to Go feat Naations
Hayden James – Just Friends feat Boy Matthews
Hayden James – Feelin
Hayden James – Lost to You feat FARR
Hayden James – Better Together feat Running Touch
Hayden James – Between Us feat Panama
Hayden James – Remember You feat Elderbrook
Hayden James – Favours feat Nat Dunn
Hayden James – NUMB (Ft. GRAACE)
Hayden James – Weightless (Ft. Shungudzo)

or if Apple is your thing, stream it here or head way back to his early romper ‘Permission To Love’.


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