Melbourne legends Thick As Thieves hit 10 year milestone

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Melbourne legends Thick As Thieves hit 10 year milestone

Thick As Thieves have been plugging away at the Australian party scene for 10 wholesome years, to say that the have excelled would be an understatement. Throughout the 10 years that Thick As Thieves has been a collective they have brought out many top shelf acts including Patrick Topping and Claptone, all the while managing to raise over $500,000 (soon to be $700,00) for the Fred Hollows Foundation which has helped restore eyesight to many less fortunate around the world!

The collective is spearheaded by Mike Toner, a man who knows no boundaries when it comes to partying. The way he and the team as a whole have cultivated a welcoming, family-like vibe within their business has allowed them to reach their current position; 10 years strong while showing no signs of slowing down.

The name Thick As Thieves seemingly alludes to the strength that can be found in forging bonds with each other and working together, but if you ever speculated as to why their name is Thick As Thieves you ought to worry no more, as Mike has clarified himself online “The name “Thick as Thieves” comes from a good friend of ours who commented that Boogs and I were literally Thick as Thieves.”

This theme of friendship and facilitating bonds between people and music has played a major role in their philosophy and business. The collective exude passion for art and humanity, their results paint vivid pictures and stand out amongst the sea of Australian based promoters.

In celebration of their great achievements, the team are throwing two massive shindigs  down in Melbourne which are slated to sell out quick, so throw you’re support behind a great cause and party with a purpose.

The first of the two gigs will feature *drum roll; Rebuke (Mike Toner’s cousin!) supported by Boogs + others at The Timber Yard, while the second gig will feature the collective’s go to man Patrick Topping & Patrice Baumel, held at Shed 14.

Both gigs are slated to be wild so go and cop that ticket. You know you want to…


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