Four Tet teases a new album before the end of the year

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Four Tet teases a new album before the end of the year

Four Tet recently made an appearance on Matt Wilkinson’s Apple Music Beats 1 radio show. During his appearance he revealed that he has an album in the works which is “not far from being done”.

Around a month ago Four Tet released his latest single “Teenage Birdsong“, which was previously thought to be a stand alone release. We can now confirm that the single will be apart of his next full length release.

Under his other moniker ‘KH aka Four Tet’, he released “Only Human” which preceded “Teenage Birdsong”, however the release was mangled with controversy. Long story short, Four Tet had to clear the Nelly Furtado sample, once he did he gave us one of the biggest bangers of the summer.

Here’s to a release date coinciding with the start of the Aussie summer season, perhaps it will play the soundtrack to those mid-summer late nights that we all long for.


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