The dance music community slams Ultra’s KFC DJ stunt

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The dance music community slams Ultra’s KFC DJ stunt

It was live steamed across the world for five minutes but felt like an eternity. A less than enthused crowd at Ultra were treated to a terrible act of advertising over reach when KFC worked alongside Ultra Music Festival to organise an advertisement style DJ set by Colonol Sanders.

The backlash from the community has been strong with a number of big name artists including Alison Wonderland, Black Madonna, Alex Metric and Marshmello condemning the blatant disregard and sell out of their art to ad executive committees.

Cringe trigger warning for the video below!

Real talk, although Ultra have an obligation to turn a profit, does it require them to compromise or belittle the work of all the artists? There are 165,000+ people in attendance paying good money, alongside the other less invasive forms of advertising they run throughout the festival and on YouTube. You can literally just see the meetings with the old ad executives slowly pushing against Ultra for more obvious advertising and winning. Ultra have unfortunately made a decision that people won’t forget easily and potentially tainted their festival brand on the world stage for dance music to grab a quick dollarydoo.


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