Shlohmo announces album release date, shares title track ‘The End’

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Shlohmo announces album release date, shares title track ‘The End’

After nearly four years between albums, Henry Laufer – better known as Shlohmo  – has finally announced the release date of what will be his third full-length LP, ‘The End’.

The Los Angeles native first made murmurs of the long-awaited album back in early 2018, and after some radio silence and a string of mysterious Instagram posts, he has revealed the project will be landing on March 22nd via his own label, WeDidIt.

Paired with the album details was the first official single of the record, it’s title track ‘The End’. This haunting cut displays a musical progression in Laufer’s work that blends the atmospheric soundscapes of his 2011 album, ‘Bad Vibes’ with the heavy, brooding tone of 2015’s ‘Dark Red’. A mix of distorted instrumentation atop a groaning bass line form the foundation of this track, which gradually builds in intensity and volume before inevitably imploding. Speaking on the forthcoming album, Laufer says it “is vaguely about The End of the world but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event, reading a nice book while the meteor hits—the fake peace of peace of insularity during chaos”.

Sink into the brooding, title track of ‘The End’ below, and pre-order the album as well as a limited vinyl press here.

The End tracklist:

1 – Rock Music
2 – “The End”
3 – “Hopeless”
4 – “Eating Away”
5 – “Headache of the Year”
6 – “Ungrateful”
7 – “Staring At A Wall”
8 – “We Sat In The Car”
9 – “Panic Attack”
10 – “Watching A Video”
11 – “The Best Of Me”
12 – “By Myself”
13 – “Still Life”


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